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In fact the more I learn about MB and the more I think about it I'm not sure I feel good about her going to the gym with her friends or by herself anyways. She has told me about the flirting that goes on in spin class in the past, she is very attractive, etc. Flirting and sexual undertones are a part of spin classes, and my wife has also confirmed how shocked she was about all of the A's that were going in her gym. With where we are today in our marriage, and with the knowledge we have I'd say that the best plan to have our needs only met by each other is for her to discontinue going to her gym. Knowing all of this does not make feel secure. This negotiation is gonna be a doozy I believe. She enjoys it a lot, her friends go to it and will be "putting the pressure" on her to attend. I need to gather my thoughts an let her know how I feel about the subject.

It is good you are taking the time to gather your thoughts on this. Think carefully. Many husbands are unhappy when their wives become unfit or overweight, and wish they could inspire them to go to the gym. You've got a fit and attractive wife who is rising at 5:30am to get her exercise done at the gym--with a baby at home yet!

If you take the gym away from her, she would likely miss the workouts and the endorphins they bring, not to mention the fitness benefits. She might miss that time with her friends, and she might resent you for taking it away from her. You might not enjoy her company as much if she gets pudgy, grumpy, and resentful.

Also, realistically, what kind of mischief could she possibly get up to at that hour with her baby waiting at home for her?