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Well there are two parts to this, one is taking a bit of the pressure of me to "make it happen" and two allowing some possibility of SF happening which is very important to me. I think condoms would be the easiest quickest fix, which both of us agree are not the best but is better than nothing. I think she is open to this or at least open to it one time to try it out again. Last time she did not care for it.

Without the pressure of having to decide right now because NOT getting any sex is just miserable for everybody involved, being about to consider other methods will feel a whole lot easier. Plus, as I said, you do not yet have the skills to negotiate big issues ... it will seem a lot less difficult in a few months after you've negotiated a lot of smaller things and thus have a lot more experience. Your love banks will be fuller then, too, which will also make it easier.

If I were the two of you, I would set a date to revisit the issue a few months down the road.

On the condoms: As I said, there are several different kinds. Some feel better than others to certain women. Read up on that and present her with a few options.

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