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Apparently you are a fan of the IUD? Just guessing. smile

You think? rotflmao

Pregnancy, at this point, could be disasterous, and possibly life threatening to me. It's important that whatever we use is as close to 100% as possible. It was important to me that it be reversible, because we'd like to try for children, at some point, if I'm able. And, I was against barrier methods. The pill was out. So, this was the best option for us.

FWIW, I have Lupus and my heart and kidneys are currently affected. My health is very unstable, and we've had three failed pregnanies. Even though I don't want to get pregnant, SF is imporatnant in a marraiage and sometimes pregnancy is a result. It just happens, no matter how careful you are. If it happens to us, we'll deal with it. If it doesn't happen, until we want it to, we'll be thrilled. And, we may never be that blessed.

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