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I would simply like to discourage test driving cars that you have zero intention of buying, because of the effect on the salesperson's wallet, family, and time maintenance. Drive five hundred cars if you're buying one, but it is not nice to waste people's time when they are trying to support their families.

I can see the subject is a sensitive one for you, so I know where you are coming from, can't say I agree however. Are you in favor of legislation that requires potential car buyers to make a statement as to their intentions prior to taking test drives at car dealers? Should we also do that at the mall when you try on a dress? Perhaps we shouldn't date unless the intention of the date is to get married? Maybe we should ban window shopping all together. All waste people's time, but that is the beauty of the free market! I'm sure your husband hates dealing with joy riders and tire kickers all day, particularly in today's economy so again I get it, but the joy rider got to experience a ride in a car that likely is newer and cooler than what they have now. That planted the seed at the feeling of getting a new car which few would argue isn't exciting. That seed COULD lead to a return visit and a potential purchase of HHH down the road. HHH comes home with new car, picks up wifey, takes her on a hot date, leading to wild passionate SF for a week making massive LB deposits. CWMI's husband comes home with a fat commission six months down the road from a seemingly time wasting exercise, takes his wife out for a nice weekend get away leading to wild passionate SF for a week making massive LB deposits. Why? It all started because of a couple of joy riders on a Sunday Afternoon.

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