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Hill ... All I can say is that I am really IMPRESSED by you and your wifes progress! Looking back over your thread .. you have come a long ways since you started here. I can feel by the context oif your posts that a good majority of the tensions you had previously and insecurities you had have diminished a great deal and that you and your wife are falling back in love like the way its meant to be! Not only that .. but your posting to others threads now ... thats HUGE! Infact i think you have posted to more threads other than your own than I have! (your thread kinda resonated with me from the start and i related to your situation very well .. and so it brought me courage to post on here again, hoping I could be of some help to you.

Keep up the great work, you and your wife and doing fantastic so far!

Thanks for the complement, I give all the credit to Maca Root! JK. My wife actually said she may start taking it as well, so we'll see. We are having a great time getting to know each other again and it really has happened so fast to be honest. A lot of it has to do with truly knowing what my wife's ENs are, embracing them as important to her, and then making sure I meet them. The other part of it is being selfish with UA time. It just has to happened, no two ways about it. I like to post on other forums. The more I teach, the better I will become myself.

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