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How do you feel about the subject of resent? My wife freely admits that she is resentful of me. She is resentful of her mom, her dad, my mom, and both of my sisters. How can I work on our marriage if she never gets over anything? In fact she sent me a text stating that she will just have to put up with all the resent she has for me and handle the birth control situation herself.

The resentment on both sides will fade if you restore the love in your marriage. That is where I would focus. Instead of focusing on resentment and fights, etc, focus on fixing your marriage by developing new habits. Stop fighting and refocus. If you can't refocus, then get help getting back on track.

I would point out again, that you can have sex without bc. You can satisfy each other without it, so it's not like you have to wait. Just be honest with her, Hilltopper, without being critical.

Good call on the focus. As far as doing other things which I'm all for, I guess I'll just tell her how I feel and be confident and positive about it. The worst that can happen is she'll say no.

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