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No, I did not show DH the text...which he will undoubtedly write-off as his friend's typical inappropriate behavior.

So it is inappropriate? How? When was the first time he said something inappropriate to you and did you tell your h?

Have you and this OM ever had a discussion about these feelings you have?

How did you not feel it was relevant to show your h that his so called friend is predatory towards you, his wife?

YOUR job is not to predict his 'blow off' reaction btw but to keep yourself honest and your side of the street clean.

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I need to be able to know that they are going to remain friends, hear DH talk about him to me every other day, hear his GF talk about him to me, and overcome this thing.

You arent going to be able to do that. You must convince your h of the danger facing your marriage by being RADICALLY honest.

Which I dont think you are being if you keep texts secret.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

"Fear is the little death. Fear is the mind-killer" Frank Herbert.