hi Sunshine!

nice to see you...though not on this forum particularly...i would have liked to not think of this (as you can see).

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HF, the reason people keep bringing up OM is that is really does effect your marriage now. No real steps for recovery have happened and others can chime in. You can't just sweep this under the rug.

This is difficult to accept...but I hear you. Alright, so now I am starting from scratch. I had not been recovering because I was trying to ignore the "elephant in the room".

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I don't think this is workable at all HF...
There is just no way you can continue contact for life after an EA with a man your DH has basically said he will pick keeping his friendship with over your marriage.
Can you expose OM?
If you let the whole world know that he is coming on to you, you have feelings for him and have told him to stay away and he won't-- you need his friends and family and GF to know what he is doing and to help you???

I can tell his GF, yes.
My DH has said several times that I may not send a NC letter. (I assume DH will be embarrassed and angry.)
I had not told his friend to stay away from me. We just stopped writing emails, I closed my FB, and we haven't seen each other in awhile. (<-- ways we typically communicate.)

How are things going for you today, Sunshine? I hope you have a pleasant weekend. Looking forward to hearing you on Monday!

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EA: 04/18/09 til
DDay: 06/30/10
NC letter: 09/13/11 (against DH's will)
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