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It appears that your H is more about control than companionship. It may be his culture, but it seems he thinks he knows what you want and need better than you do.
Yes, it may be his culture. And I understand �a man being a man� and requiring a certain amount of control. I am actually very stubborn myself so he does not run all over me by any means. But I just don�t feel like I am being heard. At the very least, I should be able to say how I feel�and he trust that this is indeed how I feel. I am trying to figure out how to get him to understand this.

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It is a form of disrespect or DJ. He knows what you want and need even if it's not what you want or need.
Yes, I have started the workbook on my own and I listed this as a DJ. Now�how to solve it???

In any case, I know I have my own faults�and I am willing to list them here. Perhaps, if I work on my own faults and he sees my improvement, he will be more open to considering that he may have one or two of his own. wink Who knows?

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