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Please answer my questions:

Have you read about Extraordinary Precautions?

Does Grace know about the sexual innuendo between you and that woman?

Yes she knows and again that is just how she is. Neither one of us were threatened by it. We know all about EP. What we agreed is that despite us both promising each other and ourselves that we'd never cheat on each other, is that things happen when needs are met by another. No one goes into it making a conscious decision to betray a spouse. It just happens so we agreed that the absolute best thing we can do for each other is to schedule and spend time together. We came up with other couples we know and there is a direct correlation between UA time and a healthy marriage. In other words, we've seen it in our own marriage when done properly and we've seen it in other couples. This is our plan and we never should have gotten lazy about it in the first place.

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