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I strongly suspect that you are "asking" for your needs to be met by making demands.

You are also DJing her by psychoanalyzing her.

A year later, and you are still lovebusting her. Why would you expect the program to work?

This is what I love about you Prisca, you always know what I'm thinking. I admit to the DJs, not to the demands. I come here with DJs to get some feedback on what I should do, not redirects on how poorly I MUST be doing with the MB program. Isn't it possible my wife just isn't willing to do this? If I say that are you gonna say then I must be trying to let myself off the hook? I don't want sympathy, I want a great marriage, but despite my efforts it eludes me.

I suggest you stop being defensive and start listening. If you're continuing to lovebust your wife, you are not following the program. You can get in a huff about that, or you can do something about it.

She knows enough about the program to know that you can control your lovebusting. When you lovebust, you sabotage your own efforts.

It is still very likely that she perceives your requests as demands. Whether you intend it or not.

Now, stop being defensive, okay? smile We're all here to help.

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