We need that samurai sword I once referenced to "separate the variables" here!

Yes, must be ended, and NC (including employment changes) implemented.

OWH and ancillary folks (including children) are to be informed as well.

Sorry, but how, what when, where, how often, and how well, are NOT, IMHO, currency to be doled out to "secondary" spectators. The arrogance and superiority of "junior's" demand is improper. I can't imagine anyone being summarily required to supply that to parents, much less to progeny.

A WS does not stop being a parent upon straying. One could make the case that the value of that parental responsibility has been damaged, but the relationship still holds. One of the things that BSs here are often upset about is that an estrranged WS (usually a WW) will make easily known to minor children in her care the actions being committed by the APs.

WH here owes sonny-boy acknowledgemnt of the affair, but not the details.