Proverbs 3:(1) Trust in the LORD with all your heart And (2) do not lean on your own understanding.

One definition in Websters says trust is "one in which confidence is placed". I am sure like most people you have had an experience where the confidence you had in someone was shattered. Maybe they did not keep a promise, maybe they did not tell the trust, or maybe their character came into question. Whatever the experience, it created your own understanding of what trust meant. Proverbs 3:2 says "do not to lean on your own understanding" when it comes to trusting God because our understanding of trust has been warped through life's experiences. For if we trust God the way we trust others, then are we really trusting God with all of our heart?

If you have had your trust shattered in the past, pray that God may restore your trust in Him. Ask God to take away those thoughts, those feelings that prevent you from completly trusting in Him. Lean not on your own understanding, but trust God with all of your heart.