Thanks, Northwood. He only uses his work laptop or his work computer when he is at home. We have several laptops in our home that are easily accessible, but he always gets into his bag and gets out his work laptop when he wants to do something on the computer, even if he is just doing something personal. Probably should have been a red flag to me a long time ago. smirk Maybe from now on I will insist he use my laptop when he is at home, unless he is working on a specific project. Although even then he can put his files on a flash drive and still use mine.

I hear what you are saying. He needs to stop doing this. I made it very clear this weekend what is acceptable that I will not keep accepting his apologies. Plus, I have 3 children, 2 of which are 11 and 13 year old boys. They have used his computer before when we've been out and I would be furious if they accidentally found these images or sites while using it. I will think about the software, but not sure I'm ready to cross that line with work yet. Your last line did make me laugh, though. It would be funny to hear his response to them... wink Thanks, again!