I have been with my fiance for going on 6 months. He recently just got out of the Navy last October and learning civilian life for him is extremely difficult especially after he has deployed twice. He has alot of issues with his PTSD and has been slacking off with getting the help that he needs. Lately for the last couple of months we have been literally fighting everyday its so bad that its now beginning to spill over to my work and its beginning to be a problem. About a month ago it escalated and we were in an arguement and he left bruises on both my arms. He is also very verbally abusive and will call me every name in the book and make me feel so low. I had to wear long sleeve shirts to cover it but the bruises were there for a while. It makes me so sad that I have allowed this type of behavior to happen. I have 2 small children and I cant let them see me go through this. Its bad enough that they have seen us argue. He apologized for what he did but I dont feel that it was meant. Hes currently away on a family vacation and is still finding ways to argue and fight with me. Im so emotional as it is.I found out a couple days ago that i am pregnant. I told him about it and he was happy one minute and the next he is so angry. Please advise!!!