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Thanks everyone! Very helpful. I'm convinced enough to dive in and embrace it. 25 hours a week is going to be a challenge for sure, but I understand that if I don't follow the program, I can't expect the results. I'll provide updates on how things are going -- great to hear about the success stories!


Great, Accuray! You will find that it is worth it!

As you go forward, let us know how we can help you, let us know how willing your wife seems to be to join you. We can provide tips and motivation for whichever scenario presents itself, but you will find that YOU are her biggest motivator.

Since I last posted yesterday I see that it's come out that your wife had an emotional affair, and I just wanted to confirm: does she ever see or talk with the other man any more?

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If your wife is not on board with MB, some of my posts to other men might help you.