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It's funny, she did stop working after we had our second, and she was home for 8 years. She really didn't like it. She didn't spend the time engaging with the kids, she would be on her computer, on the phone or reading books.

She really likes working, really enjoys her job, but feels guilty about being away from the kids, although ironically if she was with them she wouldn't engage with them anyway. I have encouraged her to quit if it would make her happier and to stay home, or to find a part time job with fewer hours, or to do some volunteer work, etc. etc. The bottom line is that she's career driven and likes working.

I wonder if she feels like she needs to look for fulfillment in her career because she doesn't believe she can find it in marriage. It's a pretty common idea out there.

Anyway, I wouldn't pressure her to give the job up. Just curious if it was an option.

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