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Welcome back!! Man, it's good to see you again.

I am so dead tired right now and probably need to get some sleep before I can post anything rational to you, but I think I've learned a whole lot in the last year about how to get marriages like yours and mine working better again. Would love to help you guys get to a place you like.

As far as telling your wife you'll move on, I made that mistake during an angry outburst last year, probably about the same time you did. One of the worst mistakes of my life, and I was on the radio show about it, and Dr. Harley told me to knock that off! It's still a traumatic memory for Prisca. Long and the short of it is, threats don't get what you want. The solution is to patiently, ever so patiently, follow the plan to get your wife to fall back in love with you again, addressing her complaints one by one.

We, too, have had a lot of trouble with money. Prisca has felt I was controlling about money for years. And she likes to buy things, too. smile We now have an arrangement where we plan purchases ahead of time, with mutual agreement, and she loves it. That has taken care of a lot for us. It takes away a lot of the money stresses for me, and with that emotional need met for her (financial support), she feels a lot better.

Oops, I said I need to go to bed instead of posting. I hope some of this reads rationally. It's two hours later here than it is there, if I recall correctly.

When was your call to the radio show?

FWW/BW (me)
2nd M for both
Blended Family with 7 kids between us
Too much hurt and pain on both sides that my brain hurts just thinking about it all.