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I see a lot of personal strategy being advised instead of Dr Harley's plans. I would ask that posters familiarize themselves with the concepts before posting to help others. The purpose of this forum is to help others apply the Marriage Builders concepts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks Ariel, got hijacked there for a bit. Most everyone here has been helping me for a long time and I think it just got a little too lively.


Bottom line is that I thing there is really something to ignoring some of my wife's DJs for the time being so as not to lengthen or stall the ability for her to cross the threshold of romantic love. I would argue there is a difference between djs and DJs. The kind I illustrated was a dj about a Tupperware in the sink. A DJ would be something more intentional with selfish motivations to get something out of me. I don't think she was trying to get anything from, she was just complaining, disrespectfully mind you, that if I see a dish in the sink and I have time to clean it, that would be nice and make her happy. I don't believe there was any LB withdrawal for her having seen that dish in the sink, just an observation by someone who is used to doing things disrespectfully. Had she said, "I'm so sick of coming home and having dirty dishes in the sink. You are just a lazy jerk!" then I might defend myself. smile

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