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Hill, I know you've answered HDW twice today on the question of MB coaching, but for me, the problem is that you do not give a straight answer. You keep muddling up the answer to the coaching question by talking about your wife's experiences on the forum.

Does your wife understand that telephone coaching with either Steve Harley or Jennifer Chalmers, or doing the online course weekly for a year, has nothing to do with the forum?

Does she understand that she would be coached directly by Dr Harley's trained coaches, under his supervision, and that this would have nothing whatsoever to do with us here at the forums? Have you checked that she understands this, and does she still refuse the coaching?

The specific answer is that I asked her to do coaching with Steve H and she adamantly refused. I have not checked in probably 6 months and to be honest would be scared to do so based on her previous comments about MB. She did say she would go to counseling but she has shut her mind off to anything with an MB attached to it. There was no attempt to muddle, sorry if you took it that way.

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