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There is a saying: men spell sex s-e-x.
Women spell sex t-a-l-k.

There are books out there that give you tips

Yes, one of the reasons I like/pursue sex with my husband is b/c he's very open and verbally affectionate during/after. He says all kinds of wonderful things that make huge deposits into my love bank smile

Of course I haven't had children yet. I know that can effect a woman in many ways.

Also there are many things that could be holding your wife up in this department that does not directly relate to you. Of course in order to pursue changing those things she would have to realize how important this is to her marriage and try to work out whether its a medical issue, a mood issue (depression), or something she needs to work on bringing her sexuality back out.

You said you guys had worked on HNHN or MB together before? Does she realize or actually believe that this a huge EMOTIONAL need for you versus a physical one?

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