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I didn't bother trying to POJA saving my marriage, Hill. When one spouse is having an attitude of 'oh, the heck with it all! I'm not doing anything!' (not saying Grace is, just saying I know *someone* who was), trying to get a POJA from them to do anything toward the marriage is quite frustrating and unfruitful.

At that point, the choice is pretty clear: either stand back while they destroy the marriage, or do something about it.

I think we've come a long way, but it is clear that she does not love me and I don't know how to change that other than to continue doing what I've been doing. The moment I go MB on her all the emotions and horrible feelings she had from last year will come crashing down upon her. I will proceed with caution with this approach.

I just don't get any of this. I just don't feel capable of giving her what she needs in a man at this point. I look at myself and feel like any woman in the world would be lucky to have me, yet here I am with the one woman who doesn't feel that way. Venting.....

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