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20+ is not happening. It took forever to get her to buy into "date night" which we do on Fridays. Between that 4 hours and about another 10 or so mixed throughout the week we are close to 15. I'll see if she is interested in Date Night + Workout Night to push it up a bit.

What do you do for those "other 10?" Are you meeting the top 4 intimate emotional needs during that time?

It takes 20+ hours of UA time to fall in love and 15 to MAINTAIN. Like you have heard 1000 times, this program does not work without that step.

It sounds to me like you don't get enough time together that is necessary to maintain the love in marriage. Most people absolutely REFUSE to meet UA time and then they wonder why the program doesn't work.

You are right and it won't work if we watch tv or do something that doesn't meet the 4 most important emotional needs. I got my wife to agree to go to gym for a couple of spin classes during the week. We can stretch those sessions out to 2 hours if we stretch and do some other workouts. At night time I need to change the habits of tv watching and replace it in part with something that engages my wife. This will be no easy task I assure you.

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