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On that note, I'm sick of hearing buddies who treat their wives like complete [censored] tell me about how much sex they are having. How is it that some wives take daily abuse and sleep with their husbands regularly anyways?

How about choosing friends with successful marriages, so you can hear about do-able things that work to create happy families.

Sorry to hear things have degenerated. How are you doing with POJA? You sound like someone who is doing a lot of things you really don't like to do, you sound like you're feeling very justified in feeling angry right now. Are there some things you are doing that you're not enthusiastic about, that you can stop doing today?

Yes I am feeling justified in feeling angry right now. There is no POJA because my wife has cast aside the MB program. One of three things will likely happen:

1. My wife will like my plan to get a sitter 4 hours a day and we'll live happily ever after.
2. My wife will hate my plan or dilly dally and I'll have Steve call her and do his thing so we can live happily ever after.
3. My wife will fight me and Steve and our marriage will deteriorate to the point of separation, divorce, or infidelity.

I like #1 don't you?

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