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And that is why we have to forgive spouses that have affairs.
I struggle with forgiving my wife's affair partner.
But I feel that I have forgiven my ex wife.
The lords prayer, "as we forgive those who sin against us"

God doesn't say to be a doormat and forget. But judgement belongs to God.

When my wife had her affair I was an emotional wreck. Finally I "let go and let God" takeover and when I admitted it was more than I could handle and handed my problems to Him I felt at peace. Not instant peace, but gradual peace over time

I agree with you. Forgiveness is sometimes difficult, but forgiveness is often for ourselves. The other person could have gone on their merry way while we had self pity. Forgiving helps free up those feelings so we can move forward and not be stuck on a past issue. We need healthy boundaries and we need to ensure we are doing our part in a marriage.

I'm glad you have found gradual peace. It's definitely a blessing from the Lord.

Thank you again for your comments and inspiration. May God bless the paths of your life and continue to grant you peace.