Philippians 2:3-4 (NIV)
3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Pride and vanity is a Christian�s enemy. Christ came for the purpose to humble us and remove the arrogance preventing us from seeing our sin. We must be willing to lift others up in spirit. We should look sternly at our own infirmities and yet be willing to make favorable allowances and find charity in our judgment of others. We must interest ourselves in the concerns of others, not in a way of curiosity and censoriousness, or as busy-bodies in other men�s matters, but in Christian love and sympathy.

A group of four pastors was travelling into a Communist country which known to persecute Christians. Their flight had a layover and they were met by Christian friends who put them up for the night. While having dinner the friends begged the pastors to smuggle in some Bibles they had gathered for the underground church. Knowing it was illegal at first they refused, but their friends pleaded they pray about what God would have them do. During the night the pastors thought maybe a Bible or two wouldn�t hurt and so they accepted. What they weren�t prepared for was the following morning's delivery. It was a small library of Bibles, books about Christianity, study tools, and videos. The divided up the materials placing them in suit-cases, carry-on bags, and whatever they could fit the materials in. All was going without issue until they were about to land and the stewardess passed out custom declaration forms. The forms had their names, passport numbers, and wanted answers to pointed questions, such as were they bringing guns, narcotics, or literature into the country? The four sat paralyzed over what to write. Saying they were not bringing literature, was lying. Checking they had books and Bibles placed them in serious jeopardy. It was one of those moments when the Holy Spirit spoke to them and gave a simple solution they could not have thought about themselves. They didn't answer the question. They left it blank. As they passed through immigration surrounded by armed guards and immigration officers, their forms were scrutinized and all four were waved through.

It took humility to listen to God and carry the materials into a country where they knew they could become prisoners. They had to put aside self-ambition for the sake of others interest. They knew they had done the right thing as they looked into the faces of those who belonged to the underground church - for they rejoiced in the materials they had received.

It is amazing what God can do in our lives if we just trust Him. Where man saw the potential problems God saw the rewards that were waiting. God was able to protect these men and lead them through a difficult time and still maintained their integrity.