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The more I think about it, her explanation sounds even creepier than her asking my H. So, you have a young little girl and you're waiting at the bus, and some guy you've only spoken to once, that very day, says, hey, just leave your little girl with me! And you DO?

I would be very disturbed if some strange man offered to keep on an eye on my daughter.

I didn't realize your husband offered, I thought she asked and he said "sure". I was also picturing this bus stop as having several adults in cars as well as standing around; not to mention a bunch of other kids around...and he came home and told you about it straight away as well...sorry for my confusion...

I was a Scoutmaster for several years and the first thing we were taught and there was to be absolutely NO deviation from was that No adult was to ever, ever be alone with a child, never!

So yea, I would be very disturbed as well if some strange guy offered to watch my little girl. In fact me and this guy wouldn't be strangers for long...

HE said she asked, "Would you mind, etc?"

SHE said she was griping about being late to work and he offered.

So there's two different stories. Neither look good.

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