He went to addictions counseling for porn and id found him contacting girls for pictures and he pressured me to do things i didnt want to do sexually before married. (Then he went to addictions couseling for 6 months and we got married after that. Looking back I feel dumb..but he also has a lot of great qualities just I would say he struggles in that area in a way. Although I dont belive he has watched porn recently...Maybe. I havnt caught it, just smaller things that i asked him not to do. Like buying certain mens magazines bc i said that bothered me. maybe being as bit crazy on that idk, but he didnt draw any lines so tried.)

He does not go to strip clubs THAT I KNOW OF. I know he has tried to drag me there before with his friend when drinking was invloved. He SAYS his issue is that he dosnt see it as a problem, but he says NOW he wont search it out, but I worried he wont NOT GO if his friends are all going...even if he now says he cares about how it makes me feel.

I'm gone a lot recently bc i get help with the baby at home and travel a bit for work. (I dont have to travel I do choose to travel back home bc I get more help...now I'm living at home for the last month bc I was sorta trying the plan B as advised from a few couselors. He initally said he wanted a divorce and then a week and a half later said he wants to work it out and this past year and a half ish he has only been with me becuase of the baby. (we have only been married for almost 3 years with a 2 and a half year old.)