How did that discovery feel? Let me tell you what, I went my own way vs the picture perfect MB plan. However, there were a few core concepts that I absolutely could see had to be followed. EXPOSURE. Yes, it's tough. Yes, it pisses her off. Yes, you get threatened and have to openly face the humiliation YOURSELF of your part of a failed marriage. Get over it. You want to know a big part of why you are where you are, because most likely, you failed to hold up your part of the marriage. Quit blaming her. Quit blaming the other guy. Own up to your own parts of it. Own yourself, and own your marriage. I honestly believe that as far gone as men feel their wives are, we stand a better chance of getting them back home, than vice versa. The key is you have to CHANGE.

Here is my key for you. Realize, you have the power, not her. Quit being afraid of losing her. Honestly, who cares? You don't want what you have, I promise you. You will keep having these discoveries for the next 10 years, and eventually be raising someone else's child.

The advice you are being given is solid. You can choose to accept it and realize many people have followed it and saved their marraiges, and many would say their lives also. You can do it your own way, and well, well, you've already seen where that is going to get you.

9 years now ... and some days you still say grrr!
Hang in there.