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Amen. I receive your prayer over my life. God bless you.

My thoughts on the devotion today; I did not equate wanting vengeance or even justice with being weary of well doing. It is in a way. Because I get to thinking that doing good to those who do evil to you is just being a door mat. When do you throw in the towel? This verse says there is a blessing to be had if you don't give up. It must be true, because God's word doesn't lie.

We all need boundaries in life our that protect and secure us. We would never walk to an edge of cliff and lean over knowing there will be consequences. We can do good for those who are evil, but we do it with safe boundaries in place that protect and secure who we are. Saying "Enough" is not giving up, but saying I won't accept this behavior and there has to be change. Then you never give up hoping God will lead you where you need to be.