Psalm 112:5 (NKJV)
5 A good man deals graciously and lends; He will guide his affairs with discretion.

This versus tells us that if one is to increase their estate they will use prudence in their decisions. It is not through a miracle, but from the wisdom God imparts unto us that correct judgments are made concerning the affairs of life. It is this discretion and wisdom that allows us to gain in prosperity, to save for times ahead. A person may be charitable, but again it is done with discretion that his own funds are put to use wisely.

I once worked in a downtown area. It was common to be walking down the street and a homeless person walk up and ask for money because they were hungry. Instead of immediately saying no, I would ask a question � Would you allow me to buy you a meal? It was a test I used to see if the person really was hungry. For I wanted to help those truly in need, but I didn�t want to give my hard earned money to someone looking for a way to buy alcohol or drugs.

Most of the time when I would ask a person the question they would say they really needed the money. These people failed the test and I would say �I�m sorry. I would be glad to buy you something to eat, but I don�t have money to give away.�

One day I walked outside for lunch and it was a very cold day. A man standing outside our office building shouted the familiar words, �Hey man, can you help me out with some money? I�m hungry.� I looked at the man and returned his question with my question, �Would you allow me to buy you a meal.� His immediate response was, �Yes!� I pointed to several restaurants in area and said, �Which one would you like to go to eat.� He quickly responded, �The Duck Inn, they have a wing special.� He was actually trying to be conservative in his request and had already thought about his plans to eat.

I took the man to the restaurant and at first he didn�t want to go in. He was afraid his appearance would get him kicked out. I told him, �I�m with and you look ok to me. Let�s go in, get you some food you can eat, and sit where you can be warm.� The man followed me in, placed his order and I paid for his meal. I then asked the cashier if the man could sit peacefully and eat and even get a refill of coffee so he could be warm for a bit and the response was - that would not be a problem.

We need to remember to use discretion in the affairs of our life. We need to be responsible with our money and help others who truly need help when we can.

�If you can�t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.� Mother Teresa