Psalm 119:114 (NLT)
114 You are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope.

In this Psalm of David, David is able to take comfort that when his enemies are against him, God is for him � providing protection and defense. When David was being pursued by his enemies he often hid in caves. In battle he used his shield for protection. Now God was both to him, a refuge where he could hide and shield that protected his life. It is though God�s promises and words that David came to know God in a close and personal way. David knew God was his comforter and protector.

In an interview about his book The Folly of Prayer (IVP, 2009), author and pastor Matt Woodley shared a story about his friend Theresa. Theresa was experiencing what St. John of the Cross calls a dark night of the soul�a period of spiritual loneliness and despair. Over the course of describing her story, listen to how Woodley discovered that what seemed most helpless in his ministry was actually the most helpful:

After marrying the man of her dreams, [Theresa] dropped into the abyss of a deep depression. Everything went dark in her mind and body. She even started writing her obituary. Three years ago I would have had plenty of answers and solutions for her. I would have been so clever and powerful. But now I could only sit with her in her pain. We prayed. I didn't know what to do, didn't have any answers, so I said, "Theresa, I have no idea what to say, so could we just read the Psalms?" Then I read Psalm 77, an agonizing psalm of lament, and I went home. I left feeling utterly powerless, and I sure didn't think that I made her feel better.

The next week another leader of our church visited Theresa. She was still suffering intensely, but when the leader asked if he could pray for her, Theresa said, "Yes, but before you pray, please read Psalm 77. I've been clinging to it all week. It's my lifeline to God." Apparently when we read Psalm 77 in utter powerlessness, God showed up in her life with power.

Woodley adds: "At times the best, most powerful and most useful way to love someone is to get to the end of myself. I admit that I can't fix or change you. My words and my advice won't heal your brokenness. But I can be with you, and we can go together to the Father." [IVP Books, "Are You There, God? An Interview with The Folly of Prayer Author Matt Woodley}

Heavenly Father I come to You in prayer for all who read these words. I pray Father these words will become their words of hope also. Father there is many who are fighting the daily battles of life and they need the comfort and protection. Bless them Father. Father, You provide hope when times seem hopeless. You provide mercy when no others will be merciful. You are always loving towards us when others may be against us. Father we thank you for the victory given to us over death through your Son Jesus Christ. Father we give thanks for Your everlasting love, your grace and your mercy. Father abide with us today and every day that we would know the depths of Your love for us. Be our source of hope!

In the precious name of Jesus,