Does it mean all instances of opposite sex friends lead to cheating? I know if I still talked to a couple of Female friends I used to have, it would never get close to affair material. And what I mean by push her into cheating, is did I close all avenues for us to communicate and support each others needs so much that she had no other choice but to seek happiness elsewhere? Our whole marriage, and dating, she has been nothing but completely open and patient with me, even while agreeing to stop talking to her past male friends, and keeping all contact strictly female, she still showed so much love for me and I was always in the most private parts of her life, always intimate.

Our last fight just blew that up, it was a time bomb ticking, and I could have defused the bomb, had I stopped disrespecting and lashing out at her, and put more trust and care into our marriage. She's only been there a month, it's been a rough transition I'm sure, losing her husband and in a foreign country!

She would keep insisting I had nothing to ever worry about, in previous weeks. I still had her Facebook password, we were expressing our love publicly on every social media site. She always was proud to wear her ring and let people know she was happily married.

I did not heed her calls and cries. So when your spouse refuses to hear you, or comfort you in any way, and instead disrespects and name calls, they have no choice bc they don't feel loved and intimate anymore. She is a good girl, going through a bad time. Partly due to me.

She's been talking a lot about babies too. Well before the detachment. Always saying she's so excited and already looking at clothes and nursery designs, I was so excited to be a father. A mortgage and 3 kids could have been amazing, had I not pushed her away. We would still be as close as ever. The biggest mistake besides being the enemy lately, is probably thinking we can survive the deployment apart. We thought we were strong enough, but she needs her husband. And we chose to stick it out apart instead, for a better future later. But she needs help now