I've saved it and I'm feeling so confused. I want to try to say she is just so damaged and f'd up herself right now that she will feel regret about her decisions later, but then part of me just says dude you accidentally married a hoe bag. And this activity won't ever stop. She told me weeks ago she's gonna need time to "see if she can do this" and apparently she's figuring out that she can't, she can't withhold these boundaries as a spouse should. As a wayward though, we can't expect her to make the right choices that would be healthy for me and her, she sees me as the enemy and she's not playing the role of my wife anymore. She's single in her actions. I want her but holy cow after this, it's no longer the fool in love, I'm gonna need some extreme recovery work if she so chooses to come around and try us again, we both are going to have to fall back In love because seeing her like that sort of just killed me today.

I have this urge now that rather than following her instructions, and not being pushy, to wait to ship off for basic til after January, I'm instead going to try to ship off as soon as possible and once it comes time for me to be stationed with her, I will hit her with the "it's our marriage or it's the booze and clubs and strange men, you've had months to figure this out"

I'm trying to follow all these protocols I'm seeing on MB and I just end up blurring all the lines