Proverbs 19:3 (NIV)
3 A person�s own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the Lord.

The foolishness of man corrupts his way and disappointment comes because they did not obtain their dreams. Instead of man accepting fault for his own mistakes he looks for someone to blame. Often God is an easy target. For man says, �God could have prevented this.� If the truth be known, so could have man.

Jerry Waxler wrote in Mental Health Survival Guide: By blaming others we transfer power to "them", and paralyze ourselves while we wait for "them" to change or release their hold on us. By remaining locked into our victimized explanations, we become helpless to change a situation or attitude, while we pour our energy into complaining and anger, and other misdirected activities that can't resolve our issues. Helpless thoughts lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and chronic anger.

As victims, instead of taking steps to help ourselves, we lobby against others, looking for supporters to help justify our anger and blame. We harden our hearts against others, making our world more antagonistic and combative. We may also believe that we'll be better off if bad things happen to the ones we are blaming, as if their misfortune will relieve our anxiety.

Since our problems are caused by other people, we hope they'll be resolved by other people. We passively wait for a rescuer, in the form of a parent, a lottery ticket, a perfect lover or a discoverer of some kind, who will pull us out of our circumstances and place us in a position where we can get what we deserve. Since we have no control over the rescuer, we remain trapped in our situation, firmly entrenched as helpless victims. []

We all need to learn to accept responsibility for our own failures. How often do we blame others for things we have done? When we blame others we fail to see our own faults. When we blame others we don�t recognize the things we need to correct in our own lives. Let�s stop blaming others and take responsibility for our actions.