I am glad to have found this program. I have some work to do.

I intend to use the resources here to help restore love and respect in our marriage...even if that means respectfully parting ways. I say it this way b/c I want to protect love and respect more than I want to protect the marriage itself.

I have read the basic concepts as well as "making a plan". My biggest concern - if the program becomes too complicated, I will not stick with it. I don't mind buying/reading books, but it is going to be super important to keep it simple.

Our problems include time issues, disrespectful communication/judgements, trust (no affairs that I'm aware of), porn use, etc. I imagine that I will share more sitch info as I get into applying the steps.

I plan to create a binder with forms/notes/highlights of the program. Are all the forms online, or do I need a book or multiple books?

Again, please know that I want to support Dr. H's efforts, I just know myself and know that I will fall apart from info overload (like many, I've read tons of books).

Thanks for any tips on getting started and keeping it simple!


me: 48
him: 49
married 13 yrs
no kids

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