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Why is he still not using POJA? Isn't one of his EPs not to be at functions with OS?

I don't know, Brainy girl. I even brought up that he has spoken to Dr. Harley himself about this very thing. "But it's my job!" Is what I get.

I didn't get the impression after listening to him on that radio show that he was going to make a dramatic change in his attitude regarding EPs. He had to be prompted by Joyce that there should be an acknowledgement on his part that he shouldn't have broken the EP vs telling you not to "worry".

When I tried to discuss it with him later that night and explain that I was hurt by it, he turned me on to the defensive about how I am on Facebook all the time (which I am not) and how MB would feel about me going to dinner with my co-workers before I left NY ( which he was enthusiastic about at the time). So rather than addressing my complaint, I was put on the defensive.


What is your plan here? Because this should be a deal breaker.

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