Thanks guys! I do believe that I would get less junk mail on Christian Mingle. However, I am not a Christian, and actually match better with people who identify as agnostic or atheist. (I know, what am I doing on this site lol) I actually feel like the guys I'm meeting are very sweet. I don't have any complaints about the quality of men I'm meeting other than I have determined that I want someone who still has hair, and is in good shape. That part is proving trickier than I thought! The last guy I dated was very attractive and in good shape, and now he's ruined me for all these other guys lol!

BS-me 35
DS- 3.5 yrs old
DD 2 yrs old
Married for eleven years, together for fifteen
DDay August 2012 Found inappropriate text message
12/7/12 knew for sure he was sexting with men
12/9/12 Partial exposure, and truth about PA's revealed by WH
12/19/12 Full exposure
1/9/13 Plan B
Jan 2013 filed for divorce
1/27/2014 Divorce finalized