Isaiah 29:15 (NJKV)
15 Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from the Lord, And their works are in the dark; They say, �Who sees us?� and, �Who knows us?�

In these verses Isaiah speaks to the people about their blindness to their own disobedience. He warns them of the heart ache that will follow when they conceal troubles and sins from the Lord. For they try to hide in darkness and are even bold enough to question, who sees us, and who knows us, when they know God does.

I had an elementary principal named, Mr. Rhame. Mr. Rhame was an incredible, kind, compassionate, and caring principal; and best of all he remembered the names of his student. And he didn�t just remember them while they were in his school; he remembered their names as they grew up. When I was an adult and Mr. Rhame would see me out somewhere he would yell out, �Hi Artie, how are you doing?� It was always a greeting that warmed my heart. It wasn�t that I was special; Mr. Rhame enjoyed his students and remembered their names. Countless other people can tell you the same story. If Mr. Rhame saw them he would call out their name with a greeting to them. Mr. Rhame knew us because he had a bond as our principal; a special bond that lasted a lifetime.

God knows us in much deeper way. God knows our names. God knows our actions. God knows our feelings. And what do we try to do? We try to hide those things from God. Yet, God already knows all about us and then we think like the people Isaiah addressed, who sees us and who knows us? I�ll tell you the truth, besides God there are more people who see us and know what we are doing than we think.

We are supposed to turn all our cares, all our worries, all our problems and all our sins to God. Remember God already knows all this stuff, so why should we tell Him? Because it helps us to become free from the problems we are experiencing. We release those problems to God so He can help us deal with them.

When you are bitter and angry towards a person, who are you hurting? You are hurting yourself because the other person may have little to no clue you feel the way you do. You are basically letting them live in your head tormenting you as they walk around happy. When you keep sins a secret to yourself, who gets hurt? Several people get hurt. First you hurt yourself because the sin you carry weights you down as a heavy burden. Second the person who you have sinned against is usually hurt as a consequence of the sin and often they don�t know where the hurt is coming from.

Remember God knows all this stuff, so take a moment and talk to Him about it. Just carry on a conversation, a prayer, to share the feelings of your heart. Then let God speak to you and guide you on the right paths of life. And remember Jesus is there with you and comforting them as you let go of your troubles.