Ephesians 4:29 (ESV)
Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.

Filthy and unclean words and discourse are poisonous and infectious, as putrid rotten meat: they proceed from and prove a great deal of corruption in the heart of the speaker, and tend to corrupt the minds and manners of others who hear them; and therefore Christians should beware of all such discourse. [Matthew Henry]

This morning I was listening to a video blog by Karamo Brown. Karamo Brown is a television personality, single father of two boys and prides himself on being a trusted friend. I enjoy listening to him.The question he posed was �Are White People Wrong For Using The N-Word?� This blog was prompted by a video of a 15 year old Justin Bieber who flippantly used the N-Word in an interview.

While Justin apologized for his comments there were still many people who were hurt. The corrupted words that came out corrupted the thoughts of others into disgust and hatred. The words did not encourage, but discouraged those who were offended.

Karamo made a statement I liked, �Stop teaching those that are ignorant that their ignorance is OK.� In other words, no matter who you are, don�t use language that makes it seem acceptable for others to use.

I�m white and personally the N-Word offends me. If someone asked me have you said it, I would have to admit I have. There is no denying it. I was raised in the South and it was a word I often heard as a kid. I may have repeated it. I may have used the word to indicate something was rigged up in an unacceptable manner, but at no time did I used the word towards another person. As I have grown older, I won�t even use or repeat the word.

I can tell you how messed up all this is. I went to see a black comedian who I enjoyed watching on TV. My wife and I were 1 of 3 white couples at the shows. Several black comedians came out to perform their routines and most used the N-word. It was used so many times that night I couldn�t even give you an estimate of the number of times it was used. Embarrassing to me, blacks sitting around us laughed when it was used. In this instance my wife and I were the ones feeling uncomfortable about a word we dislike.

So Karamo is right, we need to keep away from corrupt talking so as to build up others. If others hear us tear ourselves down and laugh others are most likely going to learn to do the same. Let us all learn to say things that build each other up and not hurt one another. I love encouraging others and the best way to encourage is to use affirming words.

Would you take a stand with me not to use words that tear down people? Would you instead help build up people and affirm them so they know they are valuable? For God the Father sees everyone as precious and valuable and so should we.