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SIM Card Seizure
Code: 448
$79.95 $119.99

call 18009940175
Covertly recover deleted (& undeleted) SMS/ text messages
Retrieve call logs & phonebook information
Perform comprehensive analysis of SIM card data
Made by a forensic company for forensic investigations
Unicode support to read multiple languages
Easily browse through the information that was retrieved
This is a computer program and comes with a SIM reader & Micro SIM adapter.
The most reliable way to get information off a SIM card:

The SIM Card Seizure is an easy-to-use device that recovers both deleted and current private text messages as well as other confidential information held on cell phones, including a list of the calls placed and received. The data is easily accessed from reports generated by the product�s intuitive software. SIM Card Seizure can be provided as evidence in a court of law, if necessary. SIM Card Seizure can also be used as a reliable backup tool in case information is accidentally deleted from the phone.

Using the SIM Card Seizure is super easy and takes only a moment to start the retrieval process. All recovered data is organized into categories so its easy to find what the information you are looking for.
Overview of how the SIM Card Seizure works:

Take the SIM Card out of your phone.
Place the SIM card in the SIM Card Seizure device reader (included).
Plug the SIM Card Seizure device reader into your computer�s USB port.
Retrieve all of your phone data.
Voila! View all the information pulled.
SIM Card Seizure Recovers:
SMS Text Messages
SMSP Text Message Parameters
SMSS Text Message Status
LND Last Dialed Numbers
EXT1 Dialing Extension
EXT2 Dialing Extension
MSISDN Subscriber Phone Number
AND Short Dial Number
FDN Fixed Numbers
ICCID Serial Number
LP Preferred Languages Variable
SPN Service Provider Name
To catch a cheater
Monitor a teen�s phone activity
Check employee activity on a company phone
Backup important data
GSM Phone with SIM Card
Phone must store SMS messages and/or call log data to the SIM card
Windows (all versions)
You may only use SIM Card Seizure on a SIM card you own.
SIM Card Seizure license
SIM Card Reader
Micro SIM Adapter
1-Year Subscription
Instruction manual
call 18009940175