A friend told me about this web site and I've been looking it over for awhile, got a lot of good info from it and have tried applying it to my marriage.

A few questions that I haven't figured out on the forum:

What's plan A and plan B? A search doesn't work. Sounds like a plan when things can't be fixed. Also, some of the items that are referred to in the basic principles are hard to follow through on and get more information, but I'm sure that in time, I can figure it out.

I've got one problem (that may be a problem) that I'm going to eventually post regarding an issue that we're having, and have to figure out where to post it. It regards some trust issues I'm having with my wife, and feel that she is not telling me the whole truth about some things that bother me.

For the most part, things are reasonably good after a rocky start for the first few years. We've got 20 years behind us, run a successful business together and have time for fun with some fun travel and trips.