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I've read the 16 hours a week and it's hard for me to fathom. The kids and the dogs require just a ton of attention.
On that same note, I know the family life wears on her. It is stressful and there's a lot of things to juggle. The dogs tearing the yard up, kids not listening, chores to do LOL you know the whole story.

KPT, everything you tell us indicates she has fallen out of love because your marriage comes last. 16 hours a week won't do the trick either, because it takes 20-25 hours per week to fall in love and 15 to maintain. I would focus on how you can get her out on 4 - 4 hour dates a week. Look into babysitting co-ops, family, whatever you have to do. If you will really work on it, you can do it. All of the things you mention: dogs, chores, etc, should come last, not first. And the most important thing in your children's lives is your marriage because that is the source of their security. Their lives would be wrecked if you divorced.

I would think on that and in the meantime, eliminate ALL love busters. You cannot afford even ONE. Every love buster negates weeks of progress. So you need to just accept that and change your behavior. Do you have the book Lovebsuters?

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