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Sometimes it's hard to think through the pain but if I had good counsel and support perhaps I could work through this and the marriage would be saved. I originally mentioned MB counseling and asked if they will only work with the couple or if they will work with one but that question wasn't addressed. Does anyone have personal experience with one on one MB counseling services?

Dr. Harley addressed this very question on his radio show a couple years ago.
Most people that contact him have a problem they are facing in their marriage. He never hears from the healthy marriages and when he does hear from a couple facing problems, its usually one of the spouses that contacts him and their partner is "reluctant" to change.

If you contact the coaching services, they could work with you to develop a plan to get your husband on board with MB. You can also follow the advice of many knowledgeable women on this board to get your husband on the ship.

You may need to eventually separate if he refuses to follow the Policy of Joint Agreement or control his anger.