Dr. Harley addressed this very question on his radio show a couple years ago................

If you contact the coaching services, they could work with you to develop a plan to get your husband on board with MB. You can also follow the advice of many knowledgeable women on this board to get your husband on the ship................

You may need to eventually separate if he refuses to follow the Policy of Joint Agreement or control his anger.

Thank you Jedi for the info and hope.
I will follow up on it. It sounds like the exact type of support I'm needing.
About a year ago I engaged the services of a wonderful life coach to help me with personal character development. I was pleased with the progress I made and amazed that the minimal contact with her and her kindness, reassurance and direction made such a big impact on me. I was happier overall and could think more clearly.
Again thank you. I look forward to finding the help we need. I've got 30 years invested in this man....having married when we were both just kids (15 and 16) and nothing would please me more than to be happily in love with him and he with me.

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currently enrolled in the online program with coach