Do as I did, read as much as you can. I was also sceptical at first. Now I know the concepts are not based on just a theory, but on research. And Dr. Harley has managed to transform this research into a idiotproof plan. I haven't discovered any study that contradicts the basic concepts. I did find studies that support what Dr. Harley teaches.

I studied mechanical engineering and like logic. This "clicks" in my brain. It is logic and well balanced.

It's like IKEA for marriage. There are components and tools, any nitwit can follow the instructions and build the furniture. If you leave a component out, it will most likely fail. You can leave some screws aside and glue the thing together, but when you follow the plan, the end result will be more durable and less likely to fall apart. A table falling apart is not so bad, a marriage falling apart is what we want to avoid.

People love to take shortcuts to get to the end result. The thing about marriagebuilders, every shortcut is already in there. If you skip more, you probably skip an essential part and get bad results.