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Great point DidntQuit! It is a long weekend.
I ordered program 3 last night. (Thought about just getting materials to save some $ but knowing us and human nature thought it best to have a coach for accountability and to answer any questions.)
Hoping to do vids this weekend as suggested by one of Doc's articles. My desktop computer died this morning so hope it will be fixed or that I don't need it to work on the program

If the materials haven't changed since we did it a few years ago, there is some signing in by computer to fill out and submit forms.

You can still watch the DVD video portions but they ask you to stop at points and fill things out before continuing with the next section.

It is helpful to focus on it for the weekend, with some UA time breaks in between for lunch or walking.

It would be great if you could find computer access. Hopefully your husband has one. Maybe you could take turns using his.

H and I just did this a couple weeks ago. The whole first portion, the seminar, you watch online through a web address they will send you. The forms Didnt is talking about are also online. We didn't get an actual DVD of the seminar, just the link to it online, so I would say you need computer access to really get going. After that, depending on where they tell you to start, there is less need for computer access, although still some.

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