John 11:25 (NIV)
25 Jesus said to her, �I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;

Those who place their faith in Christ as The Savior will have eternal life after death in this world.

A friend of mine used to work as a denominational official in Minnesota. One of his jobs was to travel to little rural communities where they didn't have churches to do funerals. He would go out with an undertaker, and they would drive together in the undertaker's hearse. One time, they were on their way back from a funeral, and my friend, John, was feeling quite tired. He decided he would take a nap. Since they were in a hearse, he thought, Well, I'll just lie down in the back of the hearse.

Sounds like kind of a creepy thing to do, but this is a true story. The guy who was driving the hearse pulled into a service station, because he was running low on gas. The service station attendant was filling up the tank and he was kind of freaked out, because there was a body stretched out in the back. While he was filling the tank, John woke up, opened his eyes, knocked on the window and waved at the attendant. John said he never saw anybody run so fast in his whole life. [John Ortberg, "The Empty Tomb: How Will You Respond?" Menlo Park Presbyterian Church]

We don�t expect the dead to come back to life, but that is exactly what happens upon death in this mortal world. The question is will you place your faith in Jesus Christ to be with Him when that moment happens for you.