Far too many details and years to describe here, but married 20 years, one young son 8 years. This is my 2nd marriage (1st wife left and declared she no longer believed). I waited for 2 years but she decided she did not want to be married. I Then remarried. I thought my 2nd wife believed, but it turns out there were problems from day 1.

I made some mistakes. Because of my christian upbringing, i refused to sleep with her but would stay over often until we moved in. So i put sexual brakes on. Which was stupid and unfair looking back. This has been one of the largest stumbling blocks. Since then we had problems sleepig togethet. She was turned off me. It's taken all this time, but with a life together virtually sexless, and being preoccupied with lots of problems with families, 3 years ago her Father died and a lot of the problems stopped with her family. My wife tells me today that it left all the problems exposed...nothing to fill our time and there is nothing left as far as she's concerned. She had a flirtation online with an ex (now over as far as i know) i believe as a consequence of being flattered and my mistakes. Now Today it got very nasty. She has said many nasty things about my lack of sexual abilities (which although are not true, have hurt deeply) and she wants to end the marriage. She is very anti-God and was filled with hatred for me today and actually hit me 3 times (she was very angry and hurt and emotional...i'm a big man so don't worry too much about this although it's not acceptable).

So, please pray that our marriage can be made new. I have decided to put God first again, and if that means the final end of this marriage then although i will be heartbroken, i wont be broken if that makes sense. I have been praying for 3 years now and still have faith that God can perform a miracle and change our hearts and soften them...i am trying to change what i can about myself, but please pray with me and if you have time please encourage me, as although i am a strong Christian, i am very human and am on my knees with my life in His hands.....thank you :-)

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