Hi.. Welcome back to MB.


This will not be an easy fix. But its fixable. It ill just take some time and consistancy to recreate romantic love.

You got some work ahead of you.

1. What's your wifes biggest complaint currently?
2. How much time do you guys spend one on one?
3. Do you know your wifes top emotional needs? If so what do you think they are?
4. Stop behaving hurt by her behaviour towards you. Accept it. Your reactions to her actions and reactions if negative at all will not put +1's into her love bank.
5. Start focusing on HER top emotional needs without expecting validation or reciprocation.(Good convo,fun activities together, date stuff etc)
6. Appologize for your unloving behaviour and accept her reaction..


.don't worry about her reaction her feelings are hers and she has a right to them. What will matter is your on behviour there afte and showing her you value her.


That's all I got for now.. My commute is over.


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